A Review on Effects of Electronic Gadgets on Eye

Naveeen Kumar Muniraju, Amarnath H K, Ashwini MJ


Technology is an integral part of our daily life. Gadgets like smart phones, cell phones, laptops, Tablets and iPods are used for communication, organization and employment which make life more comfortable. Gadgets are useful to the mankind in many ways, if not used properly it will be harmful to the eye. By following the preventive methods like eye exercise, 20-20-20 rule, maintaining proper postures while using gadgets and along with effective intervention through Ayurvedic kriyakalpa procedures we can prevent the ill effects of the gadgets. This paper highlights the Preventive measures and creates awareness of the ill effects of gadgets.

KEY WORDS: Gadgets, Eye strain, Ayurveda, Suskakshipaka, Kriyakalpa, CVS and DES.

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