Applied Aspect of Chikitsa Sutra (Principle of Treatment) of Amavata (Rheumatoid Arthritis)

  • MANDIP R GOYAL Assistant Professor, Department of Kayachikitsa Institute of Post Graduate Teaching and Research, Gujarat Ayurveda University Jamnagar


Certain diseases by its nature are difficult to manage and among those is Amavata. Though the term Amavata has been used by Charaka in various contexts but Madhava Nidana is the first to describe it as an independent disease. Later Chakradatta described Chikitsa Sutra of Amavata which comprises of langhana (lightening therapy), svedana (sudation), dipana-pachana (appetizer and digestive drugs), tikta-katu (diet and drug articles having bitter and pungent taste with digestive action), virechana (purgation therapy), Snehana (unctuous therapy on achieving the nirÄma stage) and basti (enemata therapy).

Generally chikitsa sutra briefly describes the principles of the treatment pertaining to that particular disease but it further requires expounding so that its each component may be applied in judicious way to cure the disease. For instances, out of ten types of langhna, the vyayama (exercise) is contraindicated and similarly out of shodhana measures Vamana has no role in the treatment of Amavata. Therefore for better understanding, this article attempts to explore and define all the aspects of each component of Chikitsa Sutra of Amavata, and on that basis plans a judicious treatment for its cure.   

Keywords: Amavata (rheumatoid arthritis), ChikitsÄ Sutra (principle of treatment), Chikitsa (treatment)