Role of Guduchyadi Medhya Rasayana in the Management of Anxiety Neurosis

  • Mena N Sakhara Research Scholar
  • BS Behera Senior Scientific Officer CSTT,
  • Gurdip Singh Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Ayurveda Physicians & Surgeons (JAPS). Published by International-Academy of Ayurveda-Physicians (IAAP),7HB, Gandhinagar, Jamangar-361 002, Gujarat, India


A group of clinically diagnosed patients of anxiety neurosis was treated with powder of Guduchyadi Medhya Rasayana for two months to evaluate its role in the management of this disease. The results of this study showed that the drug provided significant relief in its all the main symptoms such as nervousness, irritability, inability to relax, lack of concentration, insomnia , exhaustion, aches, palpitation, tremors, breathlessness, chest painĀ  and frequent micturation. The therapy also significantly reduced the score of total Hamilton anxiety scale. All the patients of this series got marked improvement.

Key Words: Anxiety neurosis, Guduchyadi Rasayana

Author Biographies

Mena N Sakhara, Research Scholar

IPGT&RA, GAU, Jamnagar-361008, Gujarat

BS Behera, Senior Scientific Officer CSTT,

HRD Ministry New Delhi