Role of Saptaparni (Alastonia scholaris) in the Management of Shitapitta (Urticaria)

  • ML Sharma
  • Gurdip Singh Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Ayurveda Physicians & Surgeons (JAPS). Published by International-Academy of Ayurveda-Physicians (IAAP),7HB, Gandhinagar, Jamangar-361 002, Gujarat, India
  • BS Behera


Saptaparni (Alastonia scholaris) is a first drug of Udarda-Prashama Dashemani and commonly used by Ayurveda physicians for the treatment of Shitapittaa (urticatria), therefore this study was planned to evaluate its efficacy in the treatment of urticaria scientifically. In this study ten patients of Shitaptta (urticaria) were treated with decoction of Saptaparni and the results showed that it provided significant relief in its signs and symptoms and complete remission to 10% patients, marked improvement to 20% patients and improvement to 70 % patients.

Key Words: Shitapitta, Urticaria, Saptaparni, Alastonia scholaris

Author Biographies

ML Sharma

Professor Ayurveda College Rajasthan  

BS Behera

Senior Scientific Officer CSTT, HRD Ministry New Delhi