Role of Rasana Guggulu and Mahanimba (Melia azedarch) in Management of Gridhrasi (Sciatica)

  • Moradia GJ
  • Gurdip Singh Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Ayurveda Physicians & Surgeons (JAPS). Published by International-Academy of Ayurveda-Physicians (IAAP),7HB, Gandhinagar, Jamangar-361 002, Gujarat, India


Rasana Guggulu comprises of Rasana and Guggulu having analgesic action and Mahanimba (Melia azedarch) specifically indicated in Gridhrasi were selected for this study and both were administered simultaneously for one month to the patients of Gridhrasi (sciatica). The results of this study showed that the therapy significantly reduced the area of distribution of pain as well as the severity of pain and tenderness. It significantly reduced the stiffness (Stambha) and restriction of movement (Graha) which was reflected in increase in degree of SLR test and reduction in walking time; thus causing significant increase in the movements of the affected lower limbs. Consideration of overall relief showed that the therapy provided complete remission to 8.3% patients, marked improvement to 33.3% patients and mild improvement to 50.0% but 8.3% patients remained unchanged.

Key Words: Gridhrasi, sciatica, Rasana Guggulu, Mahanimba, Melia azedarch

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Moradia GJ

Ayurvedic Medical Officer