SN Gupta, Kalapi B Patel, Sandhya Patel


A 10-year old girl was presented to our hospital with a confirmed diagnosis of chronic renal failure (CRF)-stage 5 for Ayurvedic treatment with a hope of postponing renal transplantation and if possible, dialysis. She was managed well with Ayurvedic treatment despite the first and only hemodialysis (till now), which was otherwise inevitable.

A 10-year old girl presented with the complaint of vomiting for about 1 month, excessive thirst, puffiness of face and occasional chest pain was admitted to the Hospital. She was a diagnosed case of chronic renal failure (CRF)-stage 5. Her creatinine was 7.36 mg/dL, urea (GLDH) 223.6 mg/dL and BUN (CALC) was 104.47 mg/dL. Her GFR1 was 8.7. She was advised renal transplantation by a leading urology hospital. After hospitalization her renal function tests (RFT) were done.

She was clinically examined and put on Ayurvedic treatment which include oral medicines and also administered niruha basti (rectocolonic administration of the medicaments) daily. Her RFTs were repeated weekly once to check her renal function. After three weeks of treatment though her complaints were very much under control, hemodialysis was inevitable as her creatinine gradually shot up to slightly above 10 mg/d. With continuation of Ayurvedic treatment she started showing improvement in her renal function. In more than two months period she did not require further hemodialysis or blood transfusion. Her creatinine ranges from 5.0 to 6.8 mg% and GFR ranges from 9.9 to 13.4 (ml/min/1.73m2). She continues enjoying normal life with all her routine, and yoga and āsanas that have been taught to her when she was in the hospital.


Key words: CRF, Niruha basti, Punarnāvdi kvātha, Kshirabasti

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