Efficacy of Tribhuvankirti-Godanti Tablet with or without Rasayana in the Management of Allergic Rhinitis

Rajesh B Dodia, Gurdip Singh


This study was carried out to evaluate whether addition of Rasayana drugs viz. Ashvagandha and Guduchi to the treatment of allergic rhinitis enhances the cure rate in this disease. For this purpose one group of patients of allergic rhinitis was treated with Tribhvanakirti-Godanti tablet only while the patients of other group were administered additionally Ashvagandha and Guduchi. The results of this study showed that when to the Tribhvanakirti-Godanti tablet,  Rasayana drugs Ashvagandha and Guduchi were added the cure rate enhanced from 8.3% to 25.0%. Hence it was concluded that addition of the Naimittika Rasayana to the Shamana drug of the disease provides better relief.

Keywords: Allergic rhinitis, Rasayana, Ashvagandha, Guduchi, Tribhuvanakirti-Godanti Tablet

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