• Sunil Kumar Associate Professor & H.O.D. Department of Dravya guna, Gaur Brahman Ayurvedic College Brahmanwas, Rohtak
  • Subash Sahu Associate Professor, Department of Dravya guna, Ch. Brahmparkash Ayurveda Charak Sansthan, Khera dabar, New Delhi-110073
  • Ritu Dr Ayurvedic Medical Officer, Government Ayurvedic Hospital, Anoopshahar, Buland shahar, Uttar Pradesh
  • Sanjay KS Professor and Principal, ALN Rao Memorial Ayurvedic Medical College, Koppa, Chikmagalur District, Karnataka


All the parts of Shigru (Moringa oleifera Lam.) are having medicinal importance and it is traditionally used to treat various skin disorders, including wounds. This study was aimed at investigating the healing efficacy of Shigru Patra Ghanasatva (water extract of leaves). The results of controlled experimental study carried out on Swiss albino rats showed that Shigru Patra Ghanasatva caused better wound healing in terms of epithelization and tensile strength in comprise to control group.  Thus it is considered that formulated water extract of Moringa oleifera Lam. leaf is effective in the treatment of wounds and thus supports its Ayurvedic literature & traditional use.

Key words: Shigru, Moringa oleifera, Shigru patra ghanasatva, wounds, Morton and melone method


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